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Hawaii Department of Education

General Information and Finances

Operating Revenue: $31,323,825


Full-time Librarians with Master's Degrees from programs of library and information studies: 173.00
Full-time Librarians: 175.00
Additional Full-time Employees: 380.00

Library Catalog and Collection

Total Print Materials: 3,393,557
Ebooks: 11,688
Physical Audio Titles: 265,558
Downloadable Audio Titles: 5,288
Physical Video Titles: 149,477
Downloadable Video Titles: 0

Visiting Information

Total Yearly Hours: 93,337
Total Visits: 5,347,164


Children's Programs: 6,307
Young Adult Programs: 1,832
Total Audience: 253,738
Children's Audience: 180,422
Young Adult Audience: 47,171

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Source and Notes

Public Libraries Survey, Fiscal Year 2012 (latest available data)