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Platte River Elementary School Overview

Platte River Elementary School is a part of the Benzie County Central Schools school district in Honor, Michigan. As of our last data update the school employs 12.50 full-time teachers. There are 313 students of which 195 receive a free lunch and 24 receive a price-reduced lunch.

Testing data (where available), resources, graphs, county-level educational attainment, and more can be located below. We also appreciate and encourage students, teachers, and family members to submit additional information, reviews, and comments below.

School Address

11434 MAIN ST
HONOR, MI 49640

Mailing Address

P.O. BOX 317
HONOR, MI 49640

General Information

Level: Primary / Elementary School
District: Benzie County Central Schools
Phone Number: 231-325-3063
School ID: 260495004184
Full-time Teachers: 12.50
Total Students: 313
Eligible for Free Lunch: 195
Eligible for Reduced Lunch: 24

Government Resources

Michigan Department of Education


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School Notes

This school has a student to teacher ratio of 25.04 students per full-time teacher compared to the Michigan average of 18.55 students per full-time teacher.

Map Location

Students, Teachers, and Free Lunch graphs

Number of Students 1

Full-time Teachers 1

Free Lunch Eligible 1

Legend mark for school points - Platte River Elementary School Values
Legend mark for state points - Michigan Average Values
Legend mark for national points - National Average Values

*Values of 0 in the graphs above are typically indicative of missing or erroneous data.
The 2011-2012 school year is the most recently available data provided by the federal government for the above topics (total students, FTE teachers, and free lunches). More recent data if often available via the state's Department of Education link located in the 'Government Resources' box above.

Assessment Testing Scores and Results

Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) 2014 Results
GradeSubjectGroupAdvancedProficientPartially ProficientNot Proficient
03MathAll Students7.70%46.20%7.70%38.50%
03MathWhite, not of Hispanic origin7.70%46.20%7.70%38.50%
03ReadingAll Students15.40%61.50%15.40%7.70%
03ReadingWhite, not of Hispanic origin15.40%61.50%15.40%7.70%
GradeSubjectGroupAdvancedProficientPartially ProficientNot Proficient
04MathAll Students5.70%65.70%8.60%20.00%
04MathEconomically Disadvantaged8.70%52.20%8.70%30.40%
04MathFemale5.60%72.20%< 5%22.20%
04MathWhite, not of Hispanic origin6.30%62.50%9.40%21.90%
04ReadingAll Students< 5%74.30%14.30%8.60%
04ReadingEconomically Disadvantaged< 5%69.60%17.40%13.00%
04ReadingFemale< 5%77.80%16.70%5.60%
04ReadingWhite, not of Hispanic origin< 5%75.00%12.50%9.40%
04WritingAll Students8.60%54.30%34.30%< 5%
04WritingEconomically Disadvantaged< 5%52.20%39.10%< 5%
04WritingFemale11.10%72.20%16.70%< 5%
04WritingWhite, not of Hispanic origin6.30%59.40%31.30%< 5%
GradeSubjectGroupAdvancedProficientPartially ProficientNot Proficient
05MathAll Students< 5%66.70%14.30%14.30%
05MathEconomically Disadvantaged7.70%69.20%23.10%< 5%
05MathWhite, not of Hispanic origin5.00%65.00%15.00%15.00%
05ReadingAll Students28.60%52.40%19.00%< 5%
05ReadingEconomically Disadvantaged23.10%61.50%15.40%< 5%
05ReadingMale33.30%41.70%25.00%< 5%
05ReadingWhite, not of Hispanic origin30.00%50.00%20.00%< 5%
05ScienceAll Students9.50%23.80%52.40%14.30%
05ScienceEconomically Disadvantaged7.70%23.10%61.50%7.70%
05ScienceWhite, not of Hispanic origin10.00%25.00%50.00%15.00%
GradeSubjectGroupAdvancedProficientPartially ProficientNot Proficient
06MathAll Students6.00%36.20%24.10%33.60%
06MathEconomically Disadvantaged< 5%29.90%24.70%41.60%
06MathFemale< 5%45.00%25.00%26.70%
06MathWhite, not of Hispanic origin6.30%35.10%23.40%35.10%
06ReadingAll Students20.20%61.40%12.30%6.10%
06ReadingEconomically Disadvantaged20.00%60.00%13.30%6.70%
06ReadingWhite, not of Hispanic origin20.20%60.60%12.80%6.40%
06SocialStudiesAll Students< 5%22.30%64.50%9.10%
06SocialStudiesEconomically Disadvantaged< 5%17.30%67.90%9.90%
06SocialStudiesFemale< 5%21.90%70.30%< 5%
06SocialStudiesStudents with Disabilities< 5%8.30%58.30%33.30%
06SocialStudiesWhite, not of Hispanic origin< 5%21.60%64.70%9.50%

Source: Michigan Department of Education -

* Denotes data that was either not reported or not applicable

Previous Assessment Test Results

Test and Grade Level Proficient or better 2010-2011 Proficient or better 2011-2012
Math: All Students94%43%
Reading and Language Arts: All Students88%72%
Math: All Female>= 95%40-44%
Reading and Language Arts: All Female90-94%70-74%
Math: All Male90-94%40-44%
Reading and Language Arts: All Male80-84%70-74%
Math: 3rd Grade>= 80%40-59%
Reading and Language Arts: 3rd Grade>= 80%60-79%
Math: 4th Grade>= 80%40-49%
Reading and Language Arts: 4th Grade>= 80%70-79%
Math: 5th Grade>= 80%50-59%
Reading and Language Arts: 5th Grade>= 80%80-89%
Math: 6th Grade>= 95%35-39%
Reading and Language Arts: 6th Grade90-94%65-69%
>= means greater than or equal to
<= means less than or equal to
< means less than

Educational Attainment for Benzie County (25 and Older)

Overall Educational Attainment

Male Educational Attainment

Female Educational Attainment

  1. Percent of Group without a HS Diploma
  2. Percent of Group with a HS Diploma or HS Equivalency
  3. Percent of Group with Some College Education (including associate's degrees)
  4. Percent of Group with a Bachelor's Degree or Higher

Income by Educational Attainment for Benzie County (25 and Older)

Overall Income by Educational Attainment

Male Income by Educational Attainment

Female Income by Educational Attainment

  1. Median Income of Group without a HS diploma
  2. Median Income of Group with a HS Diploma or HS Equivalency
  3. Median Income of Group with Some College Education (including associate's degrees)
  4. Median Income of Group with a Bachelor's Degree
  5. Median Income of Group with a Professional Degree



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1. NCES Common Core of Data 2008-2012 -
Educational Attainment: U.S. Census Bureau, 2009-2013 5-Year American Community Survey