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State of Arkansas Summary

There are 258 districts, 1,108 public schools, and 41 charter schools in Arkansas serving 483,114 students. Financially the state of Arkansas spends approximately $10,939 per student. There are 33,983 full-time teachers receiving a total of $1,798,852,379 in salaries and $492,291,463 in total benefits. 247,960 students receive a free lunch and 46,364 receive a reduced-price lunch.
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General Information 1

Total Districts: 258
Total Schools: 1,108
Charter Schools: 41
Full-time Teachers: 33,983
Total Students: 483,114
LEP / ELL Students: 32,744
IEP Students: 64,883
Freshman Graduation Rate: 75%

Financial Information 1

Free Lunch: 247,960
Reduced Lunch: 46,364
Revenue Per Student: $10,939
Salaries: $1,798,852,379
Employee Benefits: $492,291,463

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Arkansas Department of Education

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Number of Students 1

Full-time Teachers 1

Revenue Spent Per Pupil 1

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Statewide Assessment Testing Results

Arkansas Assessment Testing Results
Test Percent Proficient
Grade 4 Math 82.40%
Grade 4 Reading 84.50%
Elementary School Science 61.50%
Grade 8 Math 65.60%
Grade 8 Reading 77.40%
Middle School Science 42.10%
High School Math 75.30%
High School Reading 70.20%
High School Science 45.30%

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